utilization management nurse with doctor

What is a Utilization Management Nurse?

Utilization management is not an area of healthcare that most clinical nurses are particularly familiar with. Utilization management nurses do, however, play an important role in the behind-the-scenes clinical care of patients. Utilization management nurses ensure that the care that has been provided or is going to be provided is necessary and the best use of … Read more


Health Care Consumerism and Its Impact on Care

Consumerism, at is basic level, means to protect and promote the interest of the consumer. Health care has consumerism just like any other industry. And it impacts the way health care is looked at and the way it is delivered. This article explains what health care consumerism is and how it might improve the way you receive … Read more


How Wearable Technology Might Help Improve Your Health Care

Technology is a part of every facet of our lives today. This includes our health care. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals have used technology for many years to help with everything from monitoring conditions in the hospital and out of it to making surgeries less invasive.  In recent years however, technology has made it … Read more


How much does an EKG really cost?

EKGs are important tests used to evaluate your heart health. While EKGs are an essential part of cardiac care, people often wonder how the cost of an EKG is determined and what they should expect to pay for one. What Are EKGs Used For? An EKG, short for electrocardiogram, is a quick medical test that can … Read more