How to Find a Medical Billing Advocate: Your Expert Guide  

Medical billing advocates are a great option if you’re facing unpaid medical bills, suspect a medical billing error, or need medical advice. Medical billing advocates are professionals well versed in medical billing and insurance companies. In addition to helping you understand your medical bills, advocates can assist you with lowering your debt, navigating insurance companies … Read more

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Dealing with Medical Bills After Workers’ Comp is Denied

Accidents in the workplace are an unfortunate occurrence but surprisingly common. Accidents might be even more common depending on your type of employment, but they can happen to anyone. When accidents happen at work resulting in an injury, most workers rely on workers’ compensation to pay their medical bills and replace lost income. Depending on … Read more

Medical Bills After Death: Spouse Responsibility

There are few things more painful and emotional than recovering after the death of a spouse. Unfortunately, if your spouse passes away with a pile unpaid of hospital bills and medical debt, you may not have much time to recover before the debt collectors and creditors call. If you want to avoid issues related to … Read more

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8 Steps to Successfully Dispute a Medical Bill in 2023

Whether expected or unexpected, medical bills can easily impact financial plans. Medical bills are often confusing, complicated, and often higher than expected.  You may not be aware that medical bills aren’t final and may be disputed. If you think the bill is too high, has erroneous or hidden charges, you can file a dispute with … Read more

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What Is a Medical Billing Advocate? (Expert Guide)

Few things are more frustrating or confusing than getting hit with astronomical medical bills. Medical care costs have never been higher, and it’s one of the leading causes of stress and debt. In addition to being expensive, medical bills are also confusing and difficult to understand if you’re not familiar with the process.  If you … Read more

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Expert Guide to Medical Billing Assistance in Your State

Few things are more frustrating or overwhelming than large sum medical bills. They’re like an anchor weighing you down and keeping you from living your best life. To combat high medical bills, states’ federal government offers financial assistance programs, mostly through government health insurance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.  However, not everyone qualifies for … Read more

Negotiating Medical Bills After Death: Complete Guide

Navigating medical bills can be a complex process. However, it can be even more complicated following the death of a loved one. You may question who pays hospital bills after death. The reality is that hospital bills after death pass to the deceased person’s estate and, in many cases, to their family.  Coping with the … Read more


Why You Might Benefit from a Health Care Advocate

Health care is complicated. When you or a loved one faces ongoing treatment and/or a complex medical problem, the whole system can feel overwhelming. Multiple doctors and other medical professionals are usually involved in insurance companies. These situations often leave people confused and unsure of who to turn to for help with questions and advice … Read more


Seven pro-tips for family advocates

Family advocates are the unrecognized heroes in countless American families. When a parent or loved one falls ill or has an accident, it’s often a child or family member who must step up to be their primary caregiver. It’s natural for our society to accept this, as it is unfortunately all too common. Dig deeper, … Read more