How to Upload Documents to

When registering for health coverage on, the Marketplace may ask you to upload some documents for verification purposes. These verification documents may include: estimate of yearly income, citizenship, immigration status, adoption and other issues.

You’ll notice that the portal includes a list of acceptable documents to fulfill their requirements. You’ll need to gather these documents and prepare to upload them to

This guide will help you upload documents to

Prepare to Upload Your Documents

Documents can be sent physically or submitted online. However, uploading them online is the quickest and most convenient method of delivering them to

To start off, you’ll need a copy of the documents saved as an electronic file on your computer. It can be a scan or a high-resolution photograph.

The files should use one of the following formats: pdf,.jpeg,.jpg,.gif,.xml,.png,.tiff, or.bmp image, is less than 10 megabytes each and should be free from colons, semicolons and other special characters.

Once these documents are prepared according to these requirements, continue reading below.

Steps to Upload Your Documents

To upload documents to, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Marketplace account.
  2. Select the appropriate application in your account.
  3. Choose “Application Details” on the left menu.
  4. Click “Upload Documents” and choose a document type.
  5. Press “Select File to Upload” and select the appropriate document on your computer.
  6. Repeat these steps if you have multiple documents to upload.

For more details, view this PDF document.

Need More Assistance?

If you need more help uploading documents to, contact us for help!