How to Find a Medical Billing Advocate: Your Expert Guide  

Medical billing advocates are a great option if you’re facing unpaid medical bills, suspect a medical billing error, or need medical advice. Medical billing advocates are professionals well versed in medical billing and insurance companies. In addition to helping you understand your medical bills, advocates can assist you with lowering your debt, navigating insurance companies … Read more


What Types of Lawyers Handle Medical Bills?

Medical debt and complex medical bills are two of the most significant issues facing the US heading into 2023. Research shows that over a quarter of Americans have problems paying their medical bills. Among third-party debt collections, more than half are medical bills. To say that we have a problem is an understatement.   With billing … Read more

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How to Utilize Government Assistance for Medical Bills 

Negotiating with the government isn’t always easy, but they’re a great asset when it comes to medical bills. Government assistance for medical bills is one of the best uses for government assets and helps millions of Americans every year.   While federal financial assistance is available to almost everyone, it can be difficult to come by. … Read more

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Do Lawyers Have to Pay Your Medical Bills?  

There are any number of causes for accrued medical debt in the United States. One common cause occurs when you’re involved in an accident and must turn to the courts to resolve issues of liability. When that happens, most people don’t know what steps to take regarding their medical bills.   You may be asking yourself: … Read more

Medical Billing Assistance by Condition 

At Amazing Healthcare Consultants, we understand how painful and unnerving medical bills can be. With deductibles, copays and coinsurance, healthcare costs are higher than ever. Few can afford to pay medical bills without financial assistance. The good news is that there are dozens of financial assistance programs available.  Unfortunately, it requires a lot of time … Read more

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How to Apply for Financial Assistance for Medical Bills 

Medical bills are one of the biggest financial obstacles facing Americans in the modern age. It’s not unusual for people to file for bankruptcy, sell their homes, and do other life-altering things to satisfy their medical bills. Before escalating to these extremes, you should determine if you qualify for financial assistance for your medical bills.   … Read more

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Dealing with Medical Bills After Workers’ Comp is Denied

Accidents in the workplace are an unfortunate occurrence but surprisingly common. Accidents might be even more common depending on your type of employment, but they can happen to anyone. When accidents happen at work resulting in an injury, most workers rely on workers’ compensation to pay their medical bills and replace lost income. Depending on … Read more

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Tips for Managing Medical Bills after a Covid-Related Death

Not only has Covid been turning our lives upside down for the better part of the last three years, but it also caused millions of deaths. Many of these deaths happened after long hospital stays and medical treatments.  Unfortunately, many of those that passed away left behind thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills. Now, … Read more

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Medical Bills After Death: Who Pays?

One of the toughest and most confusing questions after the death of a loved one is, who pays for medical bills? Unfortunately, there isn’t always a clear answer. Adding to the difficulty of sorting out the responsibility of the debt is the fact that you’re also most likely planning a funeral and dealing with the … Read more

Medical Bills After Death: Spouse Responsibility

There are few things more painful and emotional than recovering after the death of a spouse. Unfortunately, if your spouse passes away with a pile unpaid of hospital bills and medical debt, you may not have much time to recover before the debt collectors and creditors call. If you want to avoid issues related to … Read more