Here’s How Much Lawyers Can Negotiate Your Medical Bills

Whether you were involved in an accident resulting in unexpected medical bills or have a chronic condition with ongoing treatments, you have options when negotiating medical bills. Many people make the mistake of thinking that the bill they receive is final and their only option is to repay it.  However, no matter what type of … Read more

person talking on phone disputing medical bill

8 Steps to Successfully Dispute a Medical Bill in 2023

Whether expected or unexpected, medical bills can easily impact financial plans. Medical bills are often confusing, complicated, and often higher than expected.  You may not be aware that medical bills aren’t final and may be disputed. If you think the bill is too high, has erroneous or hidden charges, you can file a dispute with … Read more

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What is APC in Healthcare?

In healthcare, APC stands for either advanced practice clinician or ambulatory payment classification. What is an Advanced Practice Clinician (APC)? Advanced practice clinicians are clinicians who are not doctors, but provide a role that is very similar to a doctor. Advanced practice clinicians typically refers to advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and to physician assistants (PAs). An APC is a healthcare … Read more