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What is PPS in Healthcare?

Beginning in 1983, PPS, or prospective payment system was implemented for use by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). A prospective payment system provides reimbursement for medical services according to a specific classification system unique to the service that the patient receives. According to CMS, “CMS uses separate PPSs for reimbursement to acute … Read more


What is an Ambulatory Care Pharmacy?

To know what an ambulatory care pharmacy is, we first need to know what ambulatory care is. Ambulatory care or ambulatory treatment is another word for any outpatient care. This is any medical care that happens outside of a hospital. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, “these settings include medical offices and clinics, … Read more

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What Is Third-Party Payment in Healthcare?

The ultimate guide to navigating what can be a confusing topic in healthcare. Although it can sound daunting, almost everyone will have to work with a third-party payer when navigating healthcare costs. You’ve likely dealt with one without even realizing a third-party payment (TPP) is what it’s called. Third-Party Payment Definition In the healthcare world, … Read more

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What is a Healthcare Surrogate?

Have you recently heard of the term ‘healthcare surrogate’, but don’t know to whom or what it’s referring to? Perhaps you’ve been asked to become a loved one’s healthcare surrogate or have even been suggested to designate a surrogate decision-maker yourself. Either way, a healthcare surrogate is an extremely important decision, and one that we … Read more

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What is FACETS in Healthcare?

Have you heard the term ‘FACETS’ in a healthcare setting and wondered what it is? FACETS is a core administration solution for health plans, developed by TriZetto®. It automates common healthcare administrative tasks, including claims processing, billing, care management, and network management workflow. FACETS was born out of the necessity for a solution that allowed … Read more

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Who Accepts UnitedHealthcare Vision?

UnitedHealthcare offers vision insurance that helps you cover and plan for vision care expenses. While considering UnitedHealthcare (UHC) vision insurance, you’ll want to know who will accept their insurance. To find out who accepts UnitedHealthcare vision in your area, use the Provider Search from UHC Vision. Once you’ve entered your zip code (or city) in … Read more

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How to Upload Documents to

When registering for health coverage on, the Marketplace may ask you to upload some documents for verification purposes. These verification documents may include: estimate of yearly income, citizenship, immigration status, adoption and other issues. You’ll notice that the portal includes a list of acceptable documents to fulfill their requirements. You’ll need to gather these … Read more

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What is a PCA in Healthcare?

There are different types of care providers in health care. Each of them has a distinct role to play in health care. One vital type of care provider is a PCA. The acronym PCA typically stands for “personal care assistant” in the healthcare field. This post discusses what a personal care assistant is, how they … Read more


How to get a job in healthcare administration with no experience

Advancing your career from a staff position to one in administration can be challenging, especially for those of you that have little to no experience.  In healthcare administration, for instance, it may come as no surprise that most employers are searching for specific skills and experience that you may feel you lack.  We are here … Read more


Health Care Consumerism and Its Impact on Care

Consumerism, at is basic level, means to protect and promote the interest of the consumer. Health care has consumerism just like any other industry. And it impacts the way health care is looked at and the way it is delivered. This article explains what health care consumerism is and how it might improve the way you receive … Read more